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      • Joel – Yes – It would be great if you did that as one of the flies we tie. It is tomorrow (Thursday night). I had to change it due to other commitments that I have tonight.

    1. Joel – Yes – It would be great if you did that as one of the flies we tie. It is tomorrow (Thursday night). I had to change it due to other commitments that I have tonight.

    2. We’re still on for tomorrow (Saturday 11AM-3PM) … stop by with your gear and get some help cleaning it up and prepping for 2019 fishing! Grab a bowl of Josh’s famous chili and clean your line, replace your backing (yes, there is a very good reason to do this … especially on your steelhead, salmon and other big fish gear.

    3. This is the time of the year when the bass start moving out of the deep water and towards the shallows. It’s also the rainy season that blows the rivers out so lake fishing is optimum an cures that cabin fever syndrome. Big poppers, streamers and noisy lures are the norm. Water temps are usually in the upper 50’s and these fish are looking to eat something . Dust off those boats and join the party.

    4. I volunteered to take this trip over from David Houben. Just checked the gages at Clay City (Red River) which has always been my way of figuring out if the smaller tribs to the Red will be fishable. It is not encouraging … the gage is at 15′ up from 3′ on 2/6 and the discharge is at 5000 cfs (up from 300 on 2/6). Ever hopeful, I’ll wait until Friday top check again and make a final call. Folks from up here can meet us at the Shoe Carnival/Staples parking lot at 6:45AM. We’ll carpool or caravan down stopping for breakfast around Georgetown then proceed to the Rest Area off the Slade Exit of Bert T Combs PKWY to meet up with any of the folks from Lex/Gtown area at 9AM. We’ll take a look at all the usual suspects (Indian Creek and the East Fork, MIddle Fork and

        • Hello ladies! I will start sending out emails about the event – if you want to chat personally please reach out to Kerry@nkff.org
          Basic needs are a hat and sun glasses (safety first! always protect your eyes and head) I would reco long pants and close toed shoes. I usually have a jacket or sweater for the inside portion as that can run cool. Susan will have rods for those who don’t have them but if you want to bring your own please feel free to do that.
          I will send out more details soon!

    5. Tie some weedless streamers for the bass using a 3/0- 4/0 worm hook 3-4 inches long ,lots of examples on Pinterest and YouTube. Type in weedless bass flies as a search.I like tying in a small glass rattle to provide some noise. Lots of different materials can be used, craft fur, marabou sf blend, thin feathers,etc,with some flash, use your imagination
      See you at the lake

    6. Ken Santo & I are going out Wednesday 27th to pre fish Stanfield and Richart lake before the scheduled float trip on Saturday 30th, if anyone would like to join us. Call my cell #
      As of today the forecasts weather for Saturday is rain & wind, I will make the call Friday if the float trip is still on
      Ron F

    7. Kathy Barksdale here. Tucker (Karen Allen) and I are registered. Tucker cannot come on Saturday now due to a family event. The website won’t let me change to 1 registration. It only seems to want to let me cancel, and I still intend to come. I will email Kerry, as well. My email is kathy.barksdale@zoomtown.com.

      • Light snacks and drinks with lid or cap only. We’re in one of the conference rooms and can’t have meals there. Wolf down a Bug Mac on the ride over:)

    8. Thanks for the info. I will have to see if I have any white rabbit fur left around but may need to “trade for some” if you guys have any extra available at the tying time.

      • Sterling … It’s reopened and you must be included otherwise you couldn’t reply. Do you want the single small camper at Susan’s or a B&B room?

    9. All,

      I’ve room for two more people in my truck and room for three more kayaks on my kayak trailer. If anyone would like to ride with me instead of driving yourselves we could share the fuel costs. Let me know if one anyone wants to ride with me and or, if anyone needs me to transport your kayak. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone on this trip.

      Best regards,


    10. The registration started on May 3, but in one day it is closed. I am not building a rod, I wanted to help with the class and see if any of the members would need some thread that I would like to get rid of. Derek

      • Bruce … Last year the chartreuse Mop Fly out-fished everything including standard nymphs, midges and wooly-buggers … I’ve never seen anything like it. This year Susan says the fishing has been tough because of the high-water and big-streamers and tiny nymphs have been the ticket so far. The water should be back to normal by the time we go so I’m thinking chartreuse, orange and cream Mop Flies, a selection of standard nymphs (GRHEs, BHPTs, Zug-Bugs, Princes, etc), wooly buggers, big jointed streamers, 5- & 10-ft sink tip sections (with loops to attach to end of fly line) should cover you. We might have a trip-prep fly-tying night before the event.

        I understand you are staying through Sunday the 9th. Did you want a room in the B&B? Or, if we max out the trip (12) would you rather share the cost of the cabin at Betty’s Bend (about 4 miles from Susan’s place on the river) with two others? The Campers at Susan’s (all taken already) and rooms at the B&B are $75 a day and includes dinners at Susan’s. The cabin will be about $85 a day and does not include diner (but it is available at Susan’s for $25 a night). If she does what we did last year, Breakfast and lunch fixings can be had at Susan’s for another $10 or $15 a day) … absolutely worth it. Let me know about your accommodation preference asap. Thanks … Mike Arnold

    11. All … Right now it looks like we have 10 confirmed for the trip (Mike Arnold, Joe Cruse, Sterling DuVall, Tim Guilfoile, Ron Kilmer, Bruce Lane, Rich & Kerry Premec, Jack Randall, Tom Smith). Mike, Jack, Rich & Kerry and Sterling at Susan’s place. Joe, Tim, Bruce, Ron and Tom staying at the B&B. We can put two more at the B&B and max the trip at 12 without using the cabin at Betty’s Island. Do any of you know two folks who might be wanting to go?

    12. So far the rain / weather has not changed the plan … Right now I have Chris Puckett and his wife meeting Doug Pfetzer and me (trailering both our kayaks) at Staples / Shoe Carnival parking lot at 6AM. The Puckett’s will follow us down to Broken Bridge where we will unload Doug & my kayaks & gear. Doug will stay with the boats/gear and the Puckett’s will then follow me to Knight’s Bridge t park my car/trailer. Then they will take me back up to Broken Bridge where I will get them started wade fishing before following Doug downstream in my boat. Anyone else trailering kayaks should do the same (i.e. unload at B-B and park at K-B and get ferried back up to B-B to put in). Anyone else meeting us at Staples/Shoe Carnival can also follow us down.

    13. Three weeks out and we already have eleven (11) folks registered. It looks like we will max out the class with 15 students so we will need a couple more casting and knot-tying instructors. When you register be sure to state whether you are assisting with instruction or taking the class as a student.

    14. I’ve got my flight booked already. United Airlines 453 departing CVG on 8/11/19 @ 4:50pm. Layover in Denver then arriving in Cody at 9:55pm. Returning from Cody on Sunday 8/18/19 @ 8:40am layver in Denver arriving in CVG @ 3:55 pm. I’m really looking forward to the trip. Thanks, Josh Lillard

    15. Currently running at 1574 CFS outflow. They need to drop the lake 1.7 inches to reach summer pool. I’ll be watching this to see if we need to postpone the trip.

    16. Mike Hebbeler and Steve Averdick are flying Delta Aug 11 return 18th here are flights and times
      to slc 1306 7:05 -8:52am
      to cody 4323 11:05am – 12:25pm
      to slc 4323 1:00 pm -2:20pm
      to cvg 1208 5:20 pm -10:45pm

    17. I just spoke with the COE at Cave Run Lake. They have bumped up the CFS Outflow to 1000. They have to drop the lake 4.1 feet to get to summer pool and to do this will take 3500 CFS. WE ARE POSTPONING THIS TRIP TILL SUNDAY, 6/30/2019.

    18. Gunpowder is up about 6″ at Camp Ernst Road. That alone would not bother this event, but it is also running the color of coffee (boston style muddy brown) and that effects the safety issue. SO WE ARE POSTPONING THIS UNTIL WEDNESDAY, JUNE 26TH.

      • Allan, bring a buck or two for materials, you’ll get a baggie of what you need when you get there.

        We’ll post a pic and materials list here so that you’ll know what to buy in the future.

    19. Plans are changing a bit. As of right now we have 11 youngsters (13 – 15 years) so we will only have ONE FISHING SESSION from 10AM to Noon. We’ll give the students a 15 – 30 casting lesson on the grass and then head to the stream in several small groups. I’ll have the rods setup with new leaders. In addition t Tim G, Wayne N and Sack S above we have four other volunteers (Paul Dusing, Dave Huff, Bruce Lane and Lucas Vessa). Let’s meet at the Gunpowder Creek Nature Park (at end of Sperti Lane off of Hanover BLVD off of Rogers Lane) at 8:30AM. We will watch the weather and Creek conditions to decide if a postponement is necessary.

    20. We have 15 students registered now for this event on Saturday. Kincaid Park and the Library are providing lunch. Dan Bottoni is joining us to help out.

    21. The lake is still 3.2 Feet above summer pool and running 3700 CFS only changes it little more than 1/2 foot each day. Looks like once again we’re going to have to cancel this trip. My apologies.

      • To everyone wanting to attend this event; the lake has moss about 18″ to 6′ out from 85% of the shore line.
        the taller grass. weeds and growth is about 14″ high around the lake, with a few narrow areas where the local stomp the growth down,
        the fishing is good, IN 2.5 hours I landed 7 Bluegill and 4 bass, on a Keith Haung’s tied bluegill candy, Chartrouse with red bead.
        Surface water temp was about 90 F.
        Used a 9 ft 5 wt.rod, 7 foot leader and tippet, the tippet was 4 x, only to pull the fish though the moss.
        and yes’s the food at the Restaurant is still good

      • if you want to sneek in a belly boat ( for us a really BIG Belly boat) you could get in the water, but it is maybe a 2 acre lake if that
        and MJA will most likely be pissed at you

    22. All … Several folks expressed interest in this trip at tonight’s meeting. For members who may not have a kayak or canoe, two of those folks each have an extra kayak available if you would want to borrow one. We also have one 4-kayak trailer and two 2-kayak trailers with an extra spot or two for a kayak … so you don’t have to trailer your own (and we minimize the number of vehicles
      we have driving up and around (and parking). Contact Mike Arnold if interested in borrowing a kayak and trailering one or more.

    23. Tim, please add a second person to my entry. My wife Mary Ellen would also like to attend this movie. Are you getting tickets for all of us?

      Thanks, Bruce

    24. I plan to drive down Friday morning (leaving around 9AM). In time to get to cabin, unload camp gear and then head to Blue Hole or Garnettsville to fish until 4PM or so, then head back to camp. Anyone wanting rideshare down with me should mention that in a comment with your registration.

    25. US 52 is closed just N of the exit off I74 so you have to go 1 exit W to hiway 1 which will get you to 52 above the closure. I fished over there this a.m. about 3 bridges N of Brownsville and did pretty well, including an 18″ and 16″ smallmouth. I have never fished the section this trip will float but know the rest of the creek well so if anyone wants some guidance on where else you might go let me know.
      Dave Votaw

        • Mike,
          Got your message. I paid my $100 for 1 slot, and now I can’t attend either this or the NKFF Outing. I have an older brother with a failing heart in University of Michigan right now, and they just took him off of the heart transplant list. He’s 65, also diabetic and has kidney issues. I need to be available if things don’t stabilize. Please pray for his improved health.

          I tried encouraging the wife to rep the family, but, she insists on staying here w/me. Prayerfully, we’ll have better fortune in 2020. Enjoy the NKFF trip and we can talk again afterwords.

          Kevin Cottrell

    26. Newer member Sebastian Torres is interested and would like to use one of the kayaks. I will be watching the river gage at Abington all this week to be sure the creek will be floatable. Right now it looks fine. I’ll email everyone on the participation list to setup meeting times/places and kayak use/trailering/etc. Currently we have 8 folks signed up. It would be nice to use the 4-kayak trailer, my 2-kayak trailer and another 2-kayak trailer plus one person with an old beater he/she won’t mind leaving at the put in after ferrying us all to it from the Rte 44 parking lot.

    27. Hi There,

      Unfortunately I am now double booked this Saturday with events leading up to the start of the semester at NKU and I will not be able to make this trip. I am sorry about that – next time.

    28. Joe Cruse is attending and using his 4-kayak trailer hauling his kayak, Don Schrantz’s kayak, Don’s spare kayak & paddle for Sebastian Torres and maybe Jarold Benson’s kayak. Mike Arnold is trailering his own kayak, Doug Pfetzer is bringing his own (cartop carrier I think). John Czarnecki is trailering his and Bill Mertz’z kayaks, and Ron Francis is using his 4-kayak trailer to bring his kayak, Ken Santo’s kayak, Ken’s spare kayak & paddle (for his friend Jeff Haggedorn). WOW … Eleven on this trip.

      We also found out that NON-MOTORIZED WATERCRAFT on most lakes in Indiana REQUIRE a $5 PERMIT on the port side front of the boat. Ron Francis is picking up seven of those permits for us today (Friday) and we will repay him on Saturday

    29. Hello! If there are questions about the clinic please reach out to me at Kerry@nkff.org. There is a stay over option for this class (Saturday night to Sunday morning) please let me know if you are interested as there is an additional charge.
      Look forward to seeing everyone at the clinic!

    30. I’m planning to meet you at the river unless there is someone who wants to ride-/drive-share with me from the Eastern Cincinnati suburbs. Just let me know where you are planning to meet.

    31. Is anyone else thinking we should leave earlier? If so, how about meeting at 6:30AM at the Staples / Shoe Carnival Parking lot and leaving at 6:45AM (arriving at the Main Gate at Englewood Metropark (4361 National Rd (US-40)) at 8AM-ish? Once we’re at the park I’m thinking of starting at the South Park Paddling put-in (955 Aullwood) and fishing until noon, then switching to the West Park Paddling Pu-in (100 Leinisch Rd) in the afternoon. Everyone should download the park mat at https://www.metroparks.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/metroparks-Englewood-map-07-2015.pdf.

      • Definitely a better plan. I’ll be there early since I’m in northern Hamilton county. I’ve fished the Stillwater further upstream for years, and it gets a lot of fishing pressure up there, but never in Englewood.

    32. Kevin/Rita, Bill and Nathan … Can you each let me know if you plan to camp at Kendall or stay somewhere else (some folks don’t camp). Bruce L has has to back out so right now we are at five attending. I am still plan on taking my 10’wide x 20’long x 7tall two room tent and two cots (one to loan) if two other other of you plan on camping and don’t want to use your own smaller tent, you are welcome to stay in the other room, just bring your sleeping gear. Also, if someone else has a two-burner propane stove, please bring it to supplement my own two-burner for cooking meals. Also, I need to know if you all are planning on being there early enough on Friday to go to dinner with the rest of us at the Cumberland Resort Lodge Restaurant at 7PM Central time (kind of a tradition for these trips). I’m going to email this to each of you also so I can gather the rest of the details to put into the Trip Plan so I can send it out on Wednesday. Thanks.

    33. I hate this, but Rita and me have to cancel for this trip. We’ve had an unplanned family issue that we need to deal with. I’m sorry for the late cancellation.

      Kevin Cottrell

    34. I did the Intro To Flyfishing tonight for six people. They all adapted very well to the casting. We may have a few more folks at the fishing event Friday at Endgland-Idlewild park (Shelter #1 parking lot) at 6:30PM. I’ll have eight fly outfits rigged up with small poppers or nymphs and strike indicators and I’ll bring the other eight outfits as backup. If anyone can help out for a hour or so, it would be appreciated.

    35. We have four rooms with two XL Double Beds each at the Relax Inn, 40 Highway 19 South, Bryson City, NC, 28713 booked for arriving Friday, Nov 22, 2019 and departing Tuesday, Nov 26. Currently we have seven members signed up with one (John Branam) Arriving Thursday, Nov 21. John has made his own arrangement for Thursday night and will bunk in with Mike Arnold on Friday & Saturday, leaving on Sunday, Nov 24.

      If you know of someone who can come down on Sunday and leave Tuesday, put them in contact with Mike Arnold. Mike is working on the Trip plan, so he needs to know if everyone is driving separately, or if any of you plan to carpool down. He also would like to know the following information … what vehicle will you be driving and license plate #, Cell Phone # and what time do you plan on arriving on Friday and, if appropriate, where do you plan on fishing on the way down. Such as Mike Arnold plans on leaving around 5AM on Friday and driving straight to the West Fork of the Pigeon River just outside of Waynesville, NC. After fishing until 2PM Mike will then drive to the motel in Bryson City. John plans to arrive early enough on Thursday to fish the Upper Nantahala for a few hours in the late afternoon. REMEMBER – it’s pretty close to totally dark by 6PM. Make you plans accordingly.

    36. As it turns out NKFF’s Fall NC Trout trip is planned for this same weekend so I will not be making it after all. But the plan I listed is a good one if you can get off on Friday. This is a really fun weekend with Derby City Fly Fishers and NKFF members and a worthy cause. If you cannot attend, consider making a donation of the $40 entrance fee. A complete description of the event is at https://derbycityflyfishers.com/mystery-fly-tournament/tournament-purpose-and-description/ and you can sign up for the event (or just make a donation) by following the links at https://derbycityflyfishers.com/mystery-fly-tournament/tournament-registration-and-lodging/

    37. If you are not interested in the Guided day please let me know with a comment on your sign-up or an email via the link in the body of this trip page. I realize that $150 deposit is $1.15 over the full stay at the Inn. I’ll refund anyone that doesn’t stay the full time or the $1.15 when there.

      • Mike if your going to hang out with the Geezer and KS, your going to need two extra rods , a center pin float rod and a spinning rod to keep up with our catches, I’ll loan you a float rod and make you a convert

    38. To anyone considering the Stanfield lake float trip on the 21st, looking at the forecast weather, it looks like it’s going to be to cold to float fish . I am therefore canceling this trip

    39. I click on the link to get to the web conference and I am directed to the page where I register for the meeting. Hmmm. I’m already registered. How can I get to the place where I enter the password NKFF so I can join the web conference?

      • I had a link sent to inbox. I went to it to download the extension and nothing happened. Which is good, because I did not want to install Cisco on my laptop. This is the third that I wanted to see and will have to miss it.

    40. Sigh. Oh well, it’s just a meeting. Can’t fish if you’re in a meeting : ). There’s a pond 10 minutes from my house. When I practice my roll cast I usually catch something so I’ll head out there and try my luck. Maybe I’ll be able to log in next month. If anyone has any tips on how to get into the next web meeting let me know. ericweinberg12@yahoo.com. I’m a new member and look forward to meeting some club members and fishing with them. Give me a call if you’d like to go fishing 937-763-4210 or send me an email.

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