NKFF Zebco Outfit Refurbishing & Re-Lining


6:30 PM - 8:30 PM


Bookings closed


England-Idlewild Ponds
5550 Idlewild Rd, Burlington, KY, 41005

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We will use the Shelter #1 at England-Idlewild for the Distribution Point for the Zebco Fishing Derby Outfits.

Volunteers needed to take X number of  bags of 8 rods each, determine if the reel needs to be replaced or just relined or if any other repairs are needed to rods or reels. Do the re-lining. Set outfits needing repairs to the side. (D Bottoni)

More details will follow


Registration are closed for this event.

Registered Attendees

  • Michael Arnold
  • Allan Hale
  • Tim Guilfoile
  • Dan Bottoni
  • John Czarnecki

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  1. Rather than have a bunch of us get together and have to wear masks and stay 6′ apart, we will meet at a predetermined location with all of the bagged Zebco Outfits. There are usually eight (8) outfits setup and in the 8 pockets in each bag. Depending on how many people signup each person will be given X number of bags to take home and setup (if needed put on a hook, sinker and bobber) and test cast each outfit. Some of them have not been used since we did this the last time, so those would just be re-inserted into a bag and set to the side to be returned to us/our storage shed art a later date. Any rod without a reel or ones needing rod or reel repairs would also be set aside to return to us for fixing. Any outfit that doesn’t cast well, needs to be re-lined with 10# monofilament line (20 yards – 60 feet — 300 yard spools of line will be provided to each volunteer). When each volunteers rods are through the process, we will arrange for pickup and return to the NKFF Storage Shed. Questions about the process should be directed to Mike Arnold at mike@nkff.org.

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