• 2024 Spring Raffle

    Douglas Sky GWinner of the Yellowstone Best Overall Fly RodThe distinguished Douglas Sky G Fly Rod series leverages technology in its quest to achieve fly rod perfection. It’s wonderfully lightweight and eminently castable, and the addition of revolutionary G-Tec platelets takes it over the top Altogether, you’ll find [...]
  • May Pint Night

    Come out and join us for our February Pint Night! This is an opportunity to meet members of the Board of Directors as well as other club members, ask questions and maybe even listen to [...]
  • Join us at the Main Shelter at Middleton Mills Park on the 6th for a grill out and fishing. The menu: HamburgersHot DogsBaked BeansColeslawPotato Salad As usual we’ll fish, have some club announcements and then [...]