President – Walter Weller
Vice President – Dave DeVita
Secretary – Kerry Premec
Treasurer – Walter Weller
Women’s Outreach – Kerry Premec
Membership – Mark LeSuer
Immediate Past President – Sheila Meyer

Committee Chairs
Conservation – Vacant
Education/Community Outreach – Mike Arnold  
Finance – Walter Weller
Information Technology – Randy Arrowood
Marketing/Communications – Tim Guilfoile
Membership – Mark LeSuer
Special Events – Bill Renner
Trips – Jack Randall
Women’s Outreach – Kerry Premec

John Branam – Red Barrington Scholorship Fund
Vacant – League of Kentucky Sportsmen Representative

Committees of the Board

Vacant, Chair
Walter Weller
Allan Hale
Nathan Meyer
Mike Hebbler

Education/Community Outreach
Mike Arnold, Chair
Jarold Benson, Programs
Dan Bottoni, Fishing Derbies
Dave Huff, Conservation
Tom Tveten, Programs

Walter Weller, Chair
John Branam
Todd Kirchoff
Sheila Meyer

Information Technology
Randy Arrowood, Chair
Jake Holt
Bruce Lane
Chris Puckett

Marketing and Communications
Tim Guilfoile, Chair
Randy Arrowood
Rose Burnham
Ron Ellis
Nathan Meyer
Mark Neikirk
Jen Ripple

Mark LeSuer, Chair
Randy Arrowood
Tim Guilfoile
Walter Weller

Special Events
Bill Renner, Chair
Mike Arnold
Tim Guilfoile
Sheila Meyer
Walter Weller

Jack Randall, Chair
Mike Arnold
John Branam
Joe Cruse
Josh Lillard

Women’s Outreach
Kerry Premec, Chair
Linda Franklin

If you’re interested in serving on a committee of the board and helping to do the business of the club, please reach out to the chairperson of the committee that interests you. We are always looking to involve as many club members as possible in the process.