NKFF Primary Membership Market

Northern Kentucky Fly Fishers(NKFF) is a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to the sport of fly fishing.  We are located in Northern Kentucky.  We draw our membership from throughout Kentucky as well as Southwestern Ohio and Southeastern Indiana.

Our Mission​: Northern Kentucky Fly Fishers is dedicated to promoting the sport of fly fishing through education, conservation and preservation.​

A Brief History

NKFF’s charter meeting was on October 10, 1987.  Twenty-two people were in attendance at that meeting.   During the meeting the Articles of Incorporation were drafted and the Kentucky Non-Profit Incorporation papers were signed.  In addition, a 7 member board of directors was elected.

The first membership meeting was held in January 1988.  Bob Weichman was ratified as the club’s first president and Bob Tubesing our first vice president.

The central theme of NKFF has always been to teach people that fly fishing is for anyone, for any type of fish and in any type of water.  It does not have to be expensive and it certainly can be done anywhere in Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana as well as any other state.

NKFF’s members fly fish by wading, by casting from shore and from boats, kayaks and canoes. Some members travel far and wide from Alaska to Maine and Michigan to Florida and all states in between. Some of our members fly fish saltwater for toothy critters such as tarpon, jacks, sea-trout, ladyfish and bluefish to name a few. Many members fly fish for steelhead and salmon during the spawning runs … oh, what fun that is … hooking a thirty pound salmon or a fifteen pound steelhead.  And almost everyone fishes for trout, panfish and bass.

Today our membership, including family memberships, has grown to over 250. This makes Northern Kentucky Fly Fishers one of the largest fly fishing clubs in the United States.

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