If you tie flies, you know that you get a special thrill when a fish takes one of your creations. Multiply that feeling by about a hundred and you’ll know how you will feel when you cast a fly and land a fish with a fly rod that you built. If you can tie flies, you probably have the finger dexterity and and small muscle control needed to build a fly rod. The links below will take you through the process.

NKFF Rod Building Class
Mike Arnold, Tom Tveten and Jarold Benson are the instructors for NKFF Rod-Building and Rod Refurbishing classes. We don’t schedule specific dates for classes because we try to tailor the classes with the schedules of our participants.  Instead, Mike, Tom  and Jarold announce that they plan a class and then poll the interested parties to find a schedule for six sessions that any three or four students and one instructor can all make. That then becomes the current rod-building class. As soon as it is over, we announce another class and repeat the scheduling process.  We have found that through this process we can offer the class to more people throughout the year. 

For 2020 we will start a new rod-building (or re-building) class during each ODD-NUMBERED month (Jan, Mar, May, Jul and Sep). All six sessions will be completed by the end of the following EVEN-Numbered month. We decided not to start a class in November because the end of the year has enough going on.  

NKFF Rod Building References

NKFF Rod Building YouTube Videos

NKFF members have built some beautiful rods that fish as well as any rod on the market today. These pictures are just a few of the examples.