To become accomplished at fly fishing you have to do it often.  One of the easiest ways to do that is to come fishing with us. We don’t go on a lot of extravagant, long trips that cost a lot of money. We’re a pretty frugal bunch and we fish locally all year long.  One of the greatest benefits of belonging to NKFF is access to our Fly Fishing Map Book that covers over 400 miles of accessible local waters that hold lots of fish.  Take a look below to get a sampling of our local waters.

Be Legal

Always buy and carry a fishing license for every state in which you fish. Here are links where you can purchase fishing licenses online.


Indiana – Non-Motorized Watercraft Permit

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The Blue Water Trails series of articles details paddling trips on streams and rivers across Kentucky.  Every Blue Water Trails article describes each trip, relates the available sport fish species and their haunts as well as how to catch them.  All access areas profiled in the Blue Water Trails are open to public use.  

A printable map accompanies each article showing the location of access points and the distances of each float. The map also specifies important information paddlers need such as the location of low-head dams and where power lines cross the stream.  

Click HERE for the Blue Water Trails series.

Check the Flow Before You Go

The depth, flow rate and temperature of the water can have a critical impact on whether the waters are fish-able.  For some links to water gauges for local destinations.

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Hatchery Creek is located below Lake Cumberland immediately behind the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Wolf Creek National Fish Hatchery.

Many would not know from looking at it, but Hatchery Creek is a completely man-made stream that originates from the cold water outflow of the hatchery and flows over 6,000 feet before joining the Cumberland River. 

The stream provides healthy aquatic habitat that has attracted trout, including larger, trophy sized trout from the Cumberland River.  It’s a great place to fish for trout.  More Information

Northern Kentucky Fly Fishers Map Book

One of the great advantages to being a member of NKFF is access to our map book. The NKFF Map Book provides intricate details of streams, rivers and lakes in Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana that have been fished by our members and have a proven track record.  Below are a few samples of our detailed maps that provide about 26 miles of local waters.  Now imagine having access to over 400 miles of fishable water and much more. 

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There are also maps to lots of areas in the eastern United States that we have fished for years, as well as maps to many streams in these listings:

The Local Scene
“Fishing opportunities within 1 hour of Northern Kentucky that offer something for all types of anglers”

2023 Kentucky Fishing Forecast
The Local Scene – Great Local Fly Fishing

The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources (KDFWR) created the Fishing in Neighborhoods (FINs) program to provide anglers with quality fishing opportunities close to home. The program currently includes 43 lakes statewide. The aim of the program is to create quality fishing opportunities near urban areas of all sizes throughout the state. Lakes are regularly stocked with catfish and rainbow trout throughout the year. In addition to these lakes being stocked with catfish and trout, the sunfish and bass populations are regularly sampled to ensure natural reproduction is meeting the needs of anglers. Stocking of hybrid sunfish and/or largemouth bass occur if needed.

Click HERE for a listing of all FINs Lakes in Kentucky with maps.
Click HERE for an interactive map of all FINs Lakes.