2019 Free Fly Tying Classes

The 2019 NKFF Free Beginner’s Fly-Tying Classes will start on Sunday February 10th, and will continue on Sundays (Feb 17th, Feb 24th, March 3rd, Mar 10th and Mar 17th) from 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm at the Boone County Library (Main Branch on KY route 18).

You can sign up to attend the class by Registering with Boone County Parks & Recreation (after the 1st of the new year) at 859-334-2117 or (to attend or help out) by emailing Aaron McDaniel HERE or calling him at 859-240-2318

It’s a six week program, meeting on Sunday afternoons for two-hours. We start these classes on the Sunday following the Super Bowl and continue through the middle of March.

5 Reasons to tie your own flies

1. Customization/Creativity
Creativity is probably the biggest driving factor for fly tying.  The fact that you have an open canvas to put whatever you want on a hook will draw you to the vise again and again.

2. Durability
Invariably, once you’ve got a little experience your flies will last longer than the store bought variety.

3. Satisfaction
There is something about catching a fish on a fly that you’ve made with your own two hands.

4. Instant Gratification
If you have an idea for something that you think will work, you don’t have for somebody else.  You can sit down at a vice and start tying immediately.

5. Saving Money
It’s the debate that won’t quit.  Do I save money tying my own flies vs buying them?  Well its no different than anything else in life…if you put your mind to it and are thrifty, then you can save money.