Be Safe
Be safe.  It is a saying that all of us embrace but we don’t spend enough time thinking about.  NKFF is committed to helping us all think more about fly fishing safety, but also providing the resources to assist us in learning more about the subject matter.  Please take a moment to review the resources provide on this page.  If you have questions beyond what is provided here, come to an NKFF monthly meeting and talk with our members…or send your comments and questions to us at our Contact Us email address.

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Wading Basics & Tips

Simms Wading Safety
Below is a 6 part video series produced by Simms on wading safety. We encourage everyone to take the time to watch these videos. Please, when wading, have a partner with you. One day it may safe your life.

Simms Wading Safety Part 1
Simms Wading Safety Part 2
Simms Wading Safety Part 3
Simms Wading Safety Part 4
Simms Wading Safety Part 5
Simms Wading Safety Part 6

Wading Boots Felt/Sticky Rubber/Studs
To read an excellent review of the topic click HERE.  For a more scientific look at the topic click HERE.

Other safety suggestions…

Fishing Kayak/Canoe Safety

Many of our members use fishing kayaks/canoes to get to those fishing holes that you can’t reach by wading. Here are a few tips that are applicable to kayaks and canoes.