Message from NKFF President Sheila Meyer on Covid19

In consideration of your safety and the safety of all members of NKFF and their families, all events scheduled thru October have been cancelled.
There were a few events that our survey of members indicated that the majority wanted to keep. However, the legal advice that we obtained said that cancelling some and keeping others would put NKFF at an untenable risk. You can look at the results of the survey HERE.
If people want to go on fishing trips or local fishing events that are on the printed Calendar of Events, then it will be up to the individuals to make their own arrangements. These cannot be NKFF organized trips.
We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but it is clearly in everyone’s best interest. If you have questions, you may email your concerns. Thank you for your understanding.
Sheila Meyer
President, NKFF


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