NKFF Spring Northern Indian Steelhead Trip


04/18/2022 - 04/21/2022    
All Day


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Approx. cost $350-$450 (with part of a guided trip included).
$200 deposit to register.
Coordinator – M Arnold

Drive up early Friday and fish on our own till dark or drive up after work Monday and meet at the
Motel in South Bend – ridesharing to be setup – Maps and directions will be provided.
Motel rooms (2 beds) are $150.00 per person for 3 nights). If you not coming for the whole trip but
driving up to fish and returning the next day, you will only be charged for the night(s) you stay over.
Guided Trips – Full-Day $475 + tip – shared by two fishers – Half-Day $350 + tip shared by two fishers –
we will have either ONE or TWO DAYs with Full-day trips AND TWO or ONE DAYs with Half-day trips …
depending on how many people want to go on guided trips with Dustan and Jake. The guided trips
are HIGHLY recommended for newbies … first-time steelheaders will learn more, hook more fish and
possibly land more fish with the PROs than fishing with the NKFFers on our own.
We need to know
NOW if you plan to come on this trip and whether you want a full-day or half-day guided trip with the
Ripple Guides.
Maps of the areas we fish will be provided as will “NKFFer guides” when we are fishing on our own.
Indiana and possibly Michigan Fishing Licenses will be required. Daily licenses can be obtained online or at the Meijer Store at Portage and Cleveland in South Bend or the Walmart in Niles, MI. Figure
$10/day – $40 max for the trip unless you have annual IN or MI licenses.
Breakfasts will be included with the motel room cost – all other food is at your own cost
We try to get the guides to go out to dinner with us one evening – consider sharing in the cost
of their mea


Registration are closed for this event.

Registered Attendees

  • Michael Arnold


    • Clint …. Absolutely. I just made my own reservation. I haven’t figured out the Float Trips yet (whole day vs half-days) because I need more folks to register first. Going to call you in a little while.

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