Tanner’s Creek (IN) Wade & Fish


7:00 AM - 1:00 PM


Bookings closed


Guilford Covered Bridge
20634 IN-1, Lawrenceburg, IN, 47025

Event Type

Tanner’s Creek (IN) Wade & Fish – (Joe Cruse). Meet at Guilford Covered Bridge at 7:00am.

Bring your own beverages and lunch or snacks.


Registration are closed for this event.

Registered Attendees

  • John Czarnecki
  • Bruce Lane
  • Donald Schrantz
  • Joe Cruse
  • John Ellsworth
  • Ian Franke
  • Phil Pursley
  • Dave Nihiser
  • Jeremy Zimmerman
  • Joe Hamilton
  • Fred Cernetisch
  • Greg Dickman


  1. 11:20 am Friday

    The waterlevel is up. I’d say about 8-10 inches. Water is slightly stained. If we get more rain, tomorrow might be a challenge. I’m not saying it’s washed out, but we’ll do some walking around the deep stuff.


  2. Hi everyone this is Joe Cruse. I drove by Tanners Creek last night and the level is good. Hope to see everyone sometime tomorrow. Tight lines.

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