1. Four or five 2-hour sessions in MJA’s garage. Like the rod-building classes, once everyone has registered online (May 1st – May 6th) I will send out a notice to each person with a link to a form to fill out telling me which dates & times you can be available and what type of net you want to build (Trout, Bass, Catch & Release, or Kayak/Canoe). These dates and time must occur when nothing else is going on that will require my time (so all the NKFF events I’m responsible for plus a few personal dates/times for family things). When everyone registered has filled out the forms, I create a set of four or five dates and times in May and June that are open and that the majority of the respondents say they can make those dates. There is a maximum number of people to attend which depends on the number of forms we have available for each type of net to be built (I think we have five of each) plus the amount of raw materials we will need and number of tools required). I hope to have all that info sorted out and the class schedule created by May 18th.

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