December Virtual Club Meeting

December Virtual Club Meeting


7:00 PM - 9:00 PM


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Please join us for a great NKFF program.
Eric and Michelle Berendsen have been building this team since their relationship began in 2008. With every creek crossing and every salamander spotted, there has been learning and growing along the way. With over a decade of exploration, they have found the adventure that led them to balance and this endeavor: Nature.
Throughout their combined experiences, Eric and Michelle have learned to interact with nature through recreation, conservation, and wellness.
Eric’s love of the outdoors has given him many experiences such as rock climbing, trail building, fly fishing, and conservation that has geared his passion for teaching others about the outdoors.
Michelle’s love of nature has allowed her to bridge the gap between teaching traditionally vs. environmentally through certification in environmental education and the pursuit of nature-based therapy.
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Password: NKFF


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Registered Attendees

  • Tim Guilfoile
  • D. Brent Miller
  • Patrick Raverty
  • Mark LeSuer
  • Joe Cruse
  • Martin Carvan
  • sheila meyer
  • Allan Hale
  • Bruce Lane
  • Bill Cook
  • Mark Sieber
  • Greg Dickman
  • Bryan Yri
  • Don Lambert
  • William Renner
  • dan Zambon
  • Tom Tveten
  • Donald Schrantz
  • Walter Weller
  • John Czarnecki
  • Grant Hughes
  • Jack Randall
  • Phil Pursley
  • Paul J. Dusing
  • Chris Puckett
  • Michael Moore
  • Fred Cernetisch
  • Kerry Premec
  • Jeffrey Asher
  • Tom Gier
  • Michael Arnold
  • Randy Arrowood
  • Sterling DuVall
  • Joe Hamilton
  • Stanley Hastings
  • Joe Jackman
  • Dave DeVita
  • Ian Franke
  • Matthew Breeze
  • Ronald Kornrumpf
  • Ron Ellis
  • Josh Lillard
  • Joan Bovard
  • charles meyer
  • Tom Moore
  • Ron Kilmer


  1. Please tell me that these meeting will help us get back some level of routine. I miss all you people a lot, and I miss fishing a lot as well. Looking forward to the virtual meeting. Are we doing a zoom session for this? Thanks for your time.

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