1. This is the time of the year when the bass start moving out of the deep water and towards the shallows. It’s also the rainy season that blows the rivers out so lake fishing is optimum an cures that cabin fever syndrome. Big poppers, streamers and noisy lures are the norm. Water temps are usually in the upper 50’s and these fish are looking to eat something . Dust off those boats and join the party.

  2. Tie some weedless streamers for the bass using a 3/0- 4/0 worm hook 3-4 inches long ,lots of examples on Pinterest and YouTube. Type in weedless bass flies as a search.I like tying in a small glass rattle to provide some noise. Lots of different materials can be used, craft fur, marabou sf blend, thin feathers,etc,with some flash, use your imagination
    See you at the lake

  3. Ken Santo & I are going out Wednesday 27th to pre fish Stanfield and Richart lake before the scheduled float trip on Saturday 30th, if anyone would like to join us. Call my cell #
    As of today the forecasts weather for Saturday is rain & wind, I will make the call Friday if the float trip is still on
    Ron F

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