2023 NKFF Banquet St. Barbara’s Event Center

2023 NKFF Banquet St. Barbara’s Event Center


5:30 PM - 9:30 PM


Bookings closed


St Barbara’s Sterling Event Center
4042 Turkeyfoot Road, Erlanger, KY, 41018

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I didn’t know or appreciate the impact of the Banquet until I worked on it last year. I just knew it was a lot of fun. Banquet proceeds support pretty much everything we do, outside of fishing trips:   the Red Barrington Scholarship fund, monthly meetings, conservation, fishing derbies,  fishing classes, etc.

This year tickets will be $50 per person, $25 for ages 12 and under.   Included will be 2 drink tickets, same as last year.   Registration will be via the NKFF website or by sending a check to NKFF at 2335 Buttermilk Crossing, #300, Crescent Springs, KY  41017.  You will also be able to reserve raffle tickets via the website, then pay for them upon arrival at the Banquet. (Not allowed to pay for the raffle tickets in advance due to KY Gaming regs.)   If you register for the Banquet prior to midnight on October 6 AND reserve raffle tickets at the time of registration,  you will automatically be entered into a raffle for a Black Ogio Travel Bag with the new NKFF logo embroidered on it.

Early raffle ticket reservation will help us have guest packets available upon arrival.   You are, of course, encouraged to buy more tickets at the Banquet itself.

In terms of donations, the Banquet Committee itself is hard at work contacting fly fishing providers, such as fly-shops, guides, restaurants, and equipment manufacturers, many of whom have been very generous and supportive over the years.  And we, in turn, try to support them.

Our main source of donations is, of course, Club Members.   Something new this year is the Banquet Wish List.   The Banquet Page of the NKFF website will list things that would be really good raffle prizes.   It is our hope that it will make it easier for members to choose something from the list, decide what to donate, and/or prompt other ideas.  As in the past, there will also be a button for cash donations.

This year we are also navigating the new sales tax law, 6% on many of the things we do.   You may notice different raffle table groupings, depending on what is taxable and what is not.  For example, there might be a separate raffle table for guide trips. We understand those are not subject to sales tax, but registration fees and raffles of goods are.

Lastly, we very much appreciate Members’ participation, support and attendance and hope that everyone is getting to fish as often as possible.

Dave DeVita
NKFF Vice President
Banquet Committee Chair

Our keynote speaker for the 2023 banquet is Triple Crown winning Jockey Steve Cauthen, you can read his bio here.

Download Special Banquet Issue of The Creel

To buy an item from our Banquet Wish, visit this link:
If you’d prefer to make a cash donation and allow the committee to purchase an item in your name, please use the link below!


Registration are closed for this event.

Registered Attendees

  • Ellen Smith
  • Scott Hull
  • Anna Zinkhon
  • Kevin Cottrell
  • Dave DeVita
  • Dave Nihiser
  • John Branam
  • Jack Steiber
  • Bill Cook
  • Ron Ellis
  • Mark LeSuer
  • Bruce Lane
  • Allan Hale
  • Gary Wilmhoff
  • Don Lambert
  • Stanley Hastings
  • Ronald Kornrumpf
  • Tim Guilfoile
  • Bill Broderick
  • William Renner
  • Tom Moore
  • Josh Lillard
  • Larry Pennington
  • William Mihaly
  • Joel Stansbury
  • William Martin
  • James Chaney
  • Mark Sieber
  • Martin Carvan
  • Donald Schrantz
  • Paul J. Dusing
  • fred carota
  • Emil Giglio
  • Pete Stark
  • Don Becher
  • Tom Gier
  • Jeffrey Schaefer
  • Steve Averdick
  • Mike Hebbeler
  • Jason Watson
  • Michael Malec
  • Christine Armstrong
  • William Osborn
  • Billy J Ramsey Jr
  • sheila meyer
  • Joe Jackman
  • Jack Randall
  • Joseph Mohlenkamp
  • Fred Cernetisch
  • Greg Dickman
  • Dave Nagle
  • Phil Pursley
  • morris cecil
  • Joe Hamilton
  • John Rost
  • Joe Cruse
  • Chris VanDyke
  • Chris Puckett
  • Michael Arnold
  • John Czarnecki
  • Mark Neikirk
  • Richard Premec
  • Aaron McDaniel
  • Milton Wise
  • Jeff Kennedy
  • Michael Hawkins
  • Randy Arrowood
  • Nathan Meyer
  • Jim Klingenberg


  1. just tried to get in the banquet sighn on, probably past the deadline, I will be there and pay at the door, any question please contct me at 8595295992

  2. I appear as registered. I registered for 2 (my wife and I) but can’t seem to find if I’ve paid. My vague recollection is we are paying at the door?
    Please let me know since I am coming from Charleston, WV
    Don Becher
    (859) 380 8238

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