February Online Club Meeting

February Online Club Meeting


7:00 PM - 9:00 PM


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Fifty Fly Fishing Tips in Fifty Minutes

Domenick Swentosky is a father of two young boys, a husband, author, fly fishing guide and a musician. He fishes for wild brown trout in the cool limestone waters of Central Pennsylvania year round. Domenick says, “This is my home, and I love it. Friends. Family. And the river.”

Domenick has become well known for his podcasts and his articles covering a wide variety of fly fishing topics.  Check out this website “TROUTBITTEN”.

The Fifty Tips presentation is for anglers of all skill levels and interests. The photo-packed offering covers the topics of gear, efficiency, fishing dries, nymphing, fishing streamers, fighting big fish and a lot more.

The presentation attempts to both inform anglers about how to catch more trout and inspire them to wade into a river and try something new. Ultimately, this series of tips is about how to better enjoy our time on the water.

Fifty Tips moves fast, covering a lot of ground. And all the tips are designed to urge an angler to look deeper and get more from fly fishing.

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Registered Attendees

  • Bruce Lane
  • Tim Guilfoile
  • Richard Premec
  • Neil PARNES
  • William Renner
  • Martin Carvan
  • John Branam
  • Bryan Yri
  • Gary Wilmhoff
  • Jeffrey Asher
  • John Czarnecki
  • Tom Gier
  • Tom Tveten
  • Donald Schrantz
  • Randy Arrowood
  • Allan Hale
  • Walter Weller
  • Kevin Cottrell
  • Joe Cruse
  • Sterling DuVall
  • Chris VanDyke
  • Nathan Meyer
  • Michael Moore
  • Patrick Raverty
  • Michael Arnold
  • fred carota
  • Ian Franke
  • James and Prudence Hunt
  • Rick Robinson
  • Mark LeSuer
  • Tom Smith
  • Bill Cook
  • D. Brent Miller
  • Matthew Breeze
  • John Ellsworth
  • Stanley Hastings
  • Michael Malec
  • Mark Sieber
  • Joe Hamilton
  • Josh Lillard
  • Ronald Kornrumpf
  • Greg Dickman
  • Phil Pursley
  • sheila meyer
  • herb schul
  • Fred Cernetisch
  • Alec Wienhold
  • Jeremy Zimmerman
  • Ron Ellis
  • Jim Wilmoth
  • Jack Randall

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