2024 Spring Raffle

Douglas Sky G
Winner of the Yellowstone Best Overall Fly Rod

The distinguished Douglas Sky G Fly Rod series leverages technology in its quest to achieve fly rod perfection. It’s wonderfully lightweight and eminently castable, and the addition of revolutionary G-Tec platelets takes it over the top

Altogether, you’ll find the Douglas Sky G Fly Rod series offers superb dampening and recovery, near-effortless casting,accuracy, and outstanding durability. Innovative top of the line components include REC Titanium Cerecoil stripping guides with zirconia inserts, REC Titanium recoil guides, AAAA florgrade cork, a skeletonized aluminum reel seat, double uplocking rings with nylon bushings, and burled blackwood inserts. Included is a plush rod stock and aluminum tube

R.L. Winston Alpha+ Fly Rod
This rod has fast action, is a four piece rod that is built from boron graphite composite materials and features a uplocking, anodized aluminum reel seat with double locking rings (salt water ready), hard chrome oversized snake shooting guides with chrome nanolite stripping guides, extra reinforced ferrules, a full wells grip with fighting butt, and an oversized tip top.