NKFF Conservation Updates

New Day Ranch
Saturday, April 9, 2022 Tree and Shrub Planting, Fishing, Fly Casting Clinic

Using funds that were obtained through the Kentucky Special Commission Tags that were awarded to NKFF will be planting 60 trees and shrubs at New Day Ranch for wildlife habitat along the South border fence, and for shade near the Southern corner of the pond in an area that is often used for gathering and education. In conjunction with the project day, we are planning a lunch, fishing, and a fly-casting clinic. Previous work at New Day has elevated this pond to a prime fishing habitat. Additional announcements and registrations will be coming soon.

We may also need a few additional volunteers to help with preparation in the days leading up to the event, so please contact the Conservation Committee if you’re interested in helping with the preparations.

Register here to help out: https://nkff.org/events/new-day-ranch-tree-shrub-planting/

Fly Line and Fishing Line Recycling

We’re looking for a volunteer to help coordinate NKFF’s recycling efforts for fly lines and fishing lines. Please contact me if you’re interested. We need a small group of volunteers to help gather, prepare and ship materials to the appropriate recyclers. This is an important part of our commitment to keeping our fishing habitats free of fishing line.

Camp Ernst Lake fishing line recycling: 

NKFF has four fishing line recycling stations located at Camp Ernst Lake. If we get this group of volunteers to maintain these existing stations, we’d like to consider expanding the programs to additional areas.

Fly Line Recycling:

Flyvines is a Missoula, Montana based company that recycles used fly lines by turning these into lanyards, key chains, bracelets, dog collars and other items. We would like to gather your old fly lines, so we can send them to this company. You can start by considering bringing these to the February 19th Cabin Fever Rod & Reel Maintenance event. Otherwise, bring them to future monthly meetings. We will also be replacing old lines on the rods the club owns to add to the collection. In return, Flyvines, will send us a few of their products to offer for fundraising items at our monthly or annual raffles. 

Flyvines | recycled fly line accessories for the hard-core fisherman, anglers and guides

Flyvines | recycled fly line accessories for the hard-core fisherman, anglers and guides


Conservation Committee Working Session

The Conservation Committee has a working session planned for mid-February to determine projects that
will be presented for future funding and grant requests. All members are welcome. New Day Ranch, Gunpowder Creek are two areas that currently have funded projects. Even if you can’t attend the meeting or participate in a project, your ideas are welcomed. Please contact Bruce Lane or any of the Conservation Committee members with your ideas or questions.