Quarantine Fly Tying week of 6/15

On Thursday night at 7 I’m going to tie the Bluegill Belly Bean from Frankenfly. I’m going to list the materials list, but then I’m going to tell you what replacements I’m using.

This is a late summer jig for when the bluegill (anything that swims will hit this) have moved off into deeper water. I’ve taken this guy out once, and it gets down quickly. It’s a heavy fly at any size, and definitely not Tenkara friendly.

We’ll start promptly at 7PM and as always, the link is:

Material List
Hook: #6-10 jig hook
Tail: Silileg leg and 4 strands of Crystal Flash
Back body: Rootbeer Estaz
Legs: Sililegs
Front body: FrankenDUB Nymph Dubbing
Eyes: X-Small – Small depending on hook size

Because of the pandemic, I’ll be using what I have to tie this little guy, which is:

Hook: #6 90-degree jig hook
Eyes: Small white dumbell eyes
Tail and legs: Gold Crystal Flash for tail and olive Sililegs for leg and tail
Back body: Brown Crystal Chenille
Front body: Olive caddis lifecycle dubbing