Quarantine Fly Tying Week of May 25th

This week on Tuesday I’ll be tying the Soft Hackle Red Tail. On Thursday I’m going fishing, see details below. Saturday I’m tying the Squirminator.

We start at 7PM sharp, and as always can be found at:

Tuesday 5/26, 7PM

Soft Hackle Red Tail
#14 Nymph Hook (anything straight)
Red UTC 140 (whatever you have works)
8/0 Silver Bead Head
Gold wire (I’m using 28 gauge craft wire)
.020 lead/lead free wire
Red craft store yarn (anything that you have)
Peacock Herl

Thursday 5/28, 7:30PM

I’m going to take some of the flies we’ve been tying and head to the lake. This is NOT sponsored or sanctioned by NKFF. If you’d like to stop out and join me, email me at my personal email address and I’ll give you the details of where I’m heading.

Saturday 5/30, 7PM

140 UTC Florescent Pink (something bright)
#12 Heavy Jig Hook (you can tie this on any straight shank hook)
8/0 bead head (I’m using rainbow black)
.020 lead/lead free wire
Puffer Ball finger (https://www.amazon.com/Kidsco-Puffer-Balls-Assorted-Sensory/dp/B07229BW4Z)
Pearl chenille or UV Pearl Ice Dubbing