Quarantine Fly Tying Week of 5/18

This week I’ll be tying the Flashabou Minnow on Tuesday night and the Zonker Strip Minnow on Thursday. These are both great additions to your smallmouth streamer box.

As usual, I’ll start at 7PM and the link will always be:


Flashabou Minnow

Flashabou Minnow Recipe
Black 140 denier UTC
#6 Mustad 34007 Stainless Steel Hook (any straight shank heavy hook)
4mm (small) dumbbell eyes (I’m using white)
Black Rainbow Polar Flashabou
Pearl Opal Mirage Flashabou
Pearl Crystal Flash
Hot Pink Supreme Hair (totally not necessary)

This pattern is essentially a Clouser Minnow tied with Flashabou instead of hair.

Rabbit Zonker Minnow

Rabbit Zonker Minnow Recipe
White 140 denier thread
#6 Nymph hook (anything heavy with a longer shank)
Small gold metal cone head (wrap on .035 wire and use a thread hotspot head)
White Rabbit Zonker Strips
Crystal Flash
Thin superglue
Gel superglue (if you don’t have gel, don’t worry about it)