2019 Red Barrington Scholarship Winner

Jacob Stark graduated from UNC Chapel Hill in 2014 after earning his B.S. in Biology. After working for several years in environmental education, Jacob joined the Richter lab at EKU in the fall of 2018. Jacob’s research at EKU is focused on developing methods and resources to further wetland and amphibian conservation, including an Index of Biological Integrity (IBI) for wetland amphibians and Coefficients of Conservatism (C-values) for reptiles and amphibians in Kentucky. His research and the developed IBI will be used in used in conjunction with other wetland assessment protocols to better understand the state of wetlands and amphibians across Kentucky and inform future management and conservation efforts.

Jacob’s work is inspired by his early exploration in the outdoors with the Scouts, his teaching experience, and his desire to make sure that others have the opportunity to enjoy time spent in nature.

Read all about Jacob and his research at EKU here.