January Club Meeting

Charity Rutter – Fly Fish Like A Predator  

In 2015, Field & Stream Magazine named Charity Rutter one of the top fly fishing guides in the United States. With her husband Ian, she owns and operates R&R Fly Fishing in Townsend, TN and is renowned throughout the United States.

Successful fly fishers do many of the same things on small brook trout streams that are required on tarpon flats in the tropics.  While many anglers are concerned about the length of their cast and the quality of their tackle, they often miss the most important element of angling success: the predatory thought process.  Charity will apply these principles to fishing the Appalachians, Rocky Mountains, the coastal United States and the tropics…Learn to think like a predator.

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Keith Haungs will be tying The Squirminator  —  Really catches fish !!!

And a mini-seminar on winter fly fishing gear….

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